The ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux is pleased to be associated with the Smoke-Free Family campaign, which offers tools and information to parents so they can achieve a 100% smoke-free environment. The Ministère hopes that, by supporting this initiative, Smoke-Free Family will contribute to increasing the number of Quebec families who meet the objectives set in regards to living environments free of tobacco smoke.

We invite families to live by the campaign’s main message: “To keep those little pink lungs healthy, don't smoke around your kids”. We encourage Quebec households to make their home a smoke-free zone and smoke far away from children, even outside, as Smoke-Free Family recommends.

Congratulations to all parents and parents-to-be who choose to embrace Smoke-Free Family’s 2021 message by taking steps towards quitting smoking.

The Directions de santé publique support the Smoke-Free Family campaign in order to encourage younger generations to make responsible choices regarding tobacco use. We are proud partners of the 2021 campaign and hope to help spread the message that “Don't smoke around your kids”.

The Jean Coutu Group and its affiliated pharmacist owners are proud to embark on a partnership with the Smoke-Free Family initiative.

For several years, our pharmacist owners have been contributing to the fight against smoking. They are deeply committed to keeping everyone healthy. Every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment that promotes optimal development. Thanks to this partnership with Smoke-Free Family, pharmacist owners are helping to make this a reality a little more each day.

For most smokers, quitting is a considerable challenge. To accomplish this goal, pharmacists are some of the most accessible health professionals to help you choose a treatment, answer your questions and support you through the process.