About us

Since 2007, the Smoke-Free Family campaign has raised awareness among Quebec families on the dangers of second-hand smoke, in particular to the health of children and unborn babies. Smoke-Free Family reiterates the importance of taking concrete steps to protect children’s health by making the home and car smoke-free zones and smoking far from them when outdoors.

To support parents and help them limit their children’s exposure to toxic tobacco smoke, the smokefreefamily.ca website and Facebook (in French only) page contain information, tips, and practical tools. The site also recommends support resources for parents who would like to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked or even quit completely.

Smoke-Free Family is an initiative of Capsana presented in collaboration with a network of public and private organizations, including Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, the Quebec Directions régionales de santé publique, and the Jean Coutu Group.