About us

The Smoke-Free Family campaign provides information and raises awareness about the dangers of second-hand smoke to the health of children. With its signature “Around children, we don’t smoke”, it reminds the importance to avoid exposing children to second-hand smoke. Smoke-Free Family invites current and future parents to take concrete action for the health of their children: make their home and their vehicle smoke-free and smoke far away from them at all times, even outside.

In Quebec, there are still over 70,000 young “second-hand smokers”. The dangers of second-hand smoke are now proven and well documented. When parents smoke in the home or the car, children smoke too in spite of themselves. Children who often breathe in second-hand smoke are at greater risk for respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, and also for catching colds and ear infections repeatedly. For babies, there is a greater risk of being born with a low birth weight and of dying from sudden infant death syndrome.

To support parents and help them limit the exposure of their children to second-hand smoke, the smokefreefamily.ca website provides information, advice and practical tools. It discusses the dangers of second-hand smoke to the health of children, as well as the myths surrounding second-hand smoke with respect to popular strategies used to minimize exposure to it. And finally, the Facebook page (in French only) is a source of information and a place for sharing stories or expressing support for the campaign.

Smoke-Free Family is an initiative of Capsana, presented in collaboration with a network of public and private organizations, including Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux, the Quebec Directions de santé publique and Jean Coutu.