Rules of the contest

I. Description of Smoke-Free Family (2018 Campaign)

  • 1. The Smoke-Free Family campaign provides information and raises awareness about the dangers of second-hand smoke to the health of children.
  • 2. The Smoke-Free Family campaign invites parents and future parents to make a concrete gesture for the health of their children by making their home and car smoke-free areas. The Smoke-Free Family campaign reminds the public of the importance of smoking outside, far away from children, in order to protect their health.
  • 3. The Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with the Jean Coutu Group (PJC), is free to enter. The total prize value is $500. The contest entry form can be found at The contest will be announced via promotional emails, web banners, and social media.

II. Eligibility

  • 1. To be eligible for the Smoke-Free Family Contest, Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, you must:
    • a. be duly registered to the Smoke-Free Family Contest;
    • b. reside in Quebec, that is to have your permanent residence in Quebec, live there and usually live there;
    • c. be 18 years or older.
  • 2. The Capsana employees, representatives, agents or members of the eligibility committee and the people with whom they live are not eligible to participate in the drawings made in the context of Smoke-Free Family.
  • 3. Employees and franchisees of participating Jean Coutu stores and their legal or common-law spouses and any persons with whom these employees and representatives reside are excluded from this contest.

III. Registration

  • 1. Registration to the Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, takes place from October 3, 2018 at 9am [EST], to November 12, 2018 at 11h59 pm [EST] (the “duration of the contest”)
  • 2. Any person interested in participating to the Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, must fill out and send in A SINGLE REGISTRATION FORM by November 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm (EST), by using the online registration form on the Smoke-Free Family website at If, because of technical problems, registration forms couldn't be adequately integrated to the Smoke-Free Family website on November 12, 2018, the organizers could make the decision to accept registration forms for an additional period. If this was the case, a special note would appear on the Smoke-Free Family's website homepage.
  • 3. The registration form must be sent in by Internet, by filling out and submitting the online registration form on the Smoke-Free Family website at
  • 4. By submitting the registration form through the Smoke-Free Family website, the candidate declares having read and understood the rules of the Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, that they satisfy their conditions and are committed to respecting them.
  • 5. By submitting the registration form through the Smoke-Free Family website, the candidate confirms their email address, gender, complete name, and year of birth. A few questions are also asked for statistical ends.

IV. Prizes

Five (5) $100 Jean Coutu gift cards will be awarded, redeemable at Jean Coutu stores.

V. Distribution of the prizes and drawing

  • 1. Prizes will be distributed in the following way: the five (5) $100 Jean Coutu gift cards shall be raffled away among all the participants in Quebec who will have submitted through the registration form until November 12, 2018, at 11:59 pm (EST). The drawings will take place on November 13, 2018 at 10 am at 300, Léo Pariseau street, suite 1810, Montreal, Quebec.
  • 2. If the potential winner has not been reached after two (2) attempts that include one (1) call the first day and on (1) email the second day and that there has been no answer and no call-back (24 hours following the email), the potential winner will not be eligible for the prize.If necessary, the next potential winner on the list will be contacted. Whatever the reason, no waiting period will be allowed to surpass 48 hours from the first call. The organizers are in no way responsible in the event that a winner cannot be reached within the specified period or is unavailable to receive the prize they have won.
  • 3. In the eventuality that a potential winner would not satisfy the terms of the current rules and regulations, they will be automatically disqualified and the prize shall be given to a new candidate chosen by a random drawing according to the same criteria of eligibility.
  • 4. Capsana is the initiator of Smoke-Free Family, and is solely responsible for the organization of the draws, which are executed according to a rigorous process and supervised by a committee composed of in-house representatives involved in the production of Smoke-Free Family. This committee is named the "eligibility committee".
  • 5. The prizes must be accepted as awarded and described in the present regulations for the Smoke-Free Family Contest/i>, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu. They are not transferable and may not be replaced by other prizes, nor are they exchangeable, in whole or in part, for cash or other goods. Capsana reserves the right to substitute a prize of an equivalent value for a prize that cannot be awarded as described in the present regulations.
  • 6. The chances of winning depend on the number of registrations received during the Smoke-Free Family Contest.

VI. Authority and responsibilities

  • 1. Capsana holds FINAL AUTHORITY in matters of judgment and decisions regarding the registration of the candidates, the evaluation of the eligibility of potential winners to the Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, as well as distribution of the prizes.
  • 2. Capsana, its employees and consultants, and the organisers, partners, and sponsors of the Smoke-Free Family Contest, presented by Capsana in collaboration with Jean Coutu, MAY NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE in the case of accident, loss, theft, or any other problem or costs related, directly or indirectly, to the acquisition or use of a prize.
  • 3. The refusal to accept a prize frees Capsana from any obligation related to said prize, including its delivery.
  • 4. Capsana and its agents are not responsible for technical, mechanical, computer, telephone, telecommunications, distribution, or production errors and may cancel or withdraw the draw if such errors arise, without obligation and without prior notice, at its sole discretion.
  • 5. Capsana is not responsible for damages to a user's computer system subsequent to his registration to the contest or to the download of the information necessary to register for the contest.

VII. Confidentiality Policy